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Oooh, hi there! Nice to meetcha.

We should get friendly (with words)

Ever felt like you didn’t quite fit in? As an infomaniac (and now, a Canadian copywriter in Panama) I’ve always been kind of extra-weird. You know… one of these things is not like the others. So I stumbled upon words’ phenomenal utility: they can serve as shelter, sword, and shield.

But… surprise: words are far more powerful than that.
you can use words to literally manifest your will.


Ready for adventure?

The world is your oyster, someone once said. I like oysters. Tasty. Turns out small-town Ontario wasn’t a great place for me to find them, though, or to avoid becoming another brick in some wall; a cog in the Machine.

So I kissed The Grind goodbye for good back in 2006. Instead, I trade commercial compositions for clean, green adventures in my very own version of paradise: El Valle de Antón, Panamá.

Well-chosen words…

…make magic happen.

What’s your story – where’s your paradise?

Cool. Let’s go there.

Right off the rails.

Our journey begins with a detailed intake form to help me learn about your niche, audience, brand, and vision; plus (maybe) some follow-up Q&A about what you’d like to achieve. We’ll dive deep into your ocean with every nuance squared away.

Together, we’ll earn the attention your marketing’s meant to. We’ll sing loud and clear to the audience(s) you’re aimin’ at.

We’ll present you as a trustworthy leader who brings serious chops to the stage and transform those meh-maybes into loyal advocates who strengthen your brand organically by caring – and sharing – what you have to say.

This crazy train goes exactly where you always hoped it would:
Living well and loving life thanks to your standout, knockout business.
Toot, toot! Welcome aboard.

     Oh, and… do sample the oysters.