Clients, you are far too kind.

Tired of me tooting my own horn?
Then let’s let some clients
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By the time you finish these copywriter reviews & testimonials
you just might be a shiny new client yourself…

Top 10 (so far)

“Possibly the best copywriter I’ve worked with. Chad not only produces persuasive, well written copy, he’s also a genuinely nice guy to work with. I would highly recommend Chad for your copywriting needs!”-Nicholas Miller, international sales, trade, & development consultant

“…bordering on legendary. Out of all the many pieces of work Chad has completed for our agency we’ve been absolutely over the moon with the craftsmanship, the quality, and the overall approach to each project. Hardly any amends have been required and when they were Chad was more than happy to accommodate… excellence in all areas :)”-Alexander Croucher, Head of Digital, [confidential]

“Excellent work from Chad! He’s now my go to guy for all copy needs.”

-Paul Tibayan, marketing (Shopify, Inc.)

“Chad is one serious copywriter! He’s an asset to our business at this point and can’t imagine working without him! I certainly recommend Chad for any and all copywriting jobs you might have. Thank you again Chad!”-Jan Bednar, CEO (BedaBox, LLC)

“Chad does amazing sales copy writing. I am a very successful motivational speaker and have had over 15 people write copy for me. Chad is one of the best I have ever had… You will make more money back fast!!”

-Shane James, owner (Empowering Nations Personal Development)

“Chad is one of those few copywriters who ‘gets it’… I’ve been working with remote folks a long time, and it’s rare to have such quality work delivered the very first time around. A pleasure working with him.”

-Chandan Kanodia, founder & CEO (Geared Labs, Inc.)

“Chad is a master of words. He took the time to understand our needs and blew us away with the results.  Excellent.”

-Gordon Creed, CEO (Alberta Outsourcing)

“Absolutely superb from start to finish, communication excellent, got under the skin of the project straight away and delivered just what I needed. Thanks Chad!”

-Jason Clarke, founder (Kids Coach Jason)

“Chad is a knock-out sales page writer!  I was blown away with how he was able to take the basic information I gave him about my program and really bring it to life in a truly personal and engaging way. I love his writing style and creativity. He went above and beyond to insure my satisfaction with his services.   I can’t wait to hire him again!”

-Shirley Wilson, CEO (Shirley Wilson Branding)

“Chad is one of the good guys. He is thorough, did his research and crafted a message that captured the voice I was seeking.”

-Brantley Whitley, cofounding partner (Roberts & Whitley)

“Superb once again! Extremely refreshing to get someone who is so full of ideas and takes the time to get to know your project inside and out. Nothing is ever too much trouble! Thanks Chad!”

-Jason Clarke, founder (Kids Coach Jason)

“When I first [found Chad] I thought – Too Good to be True… he got the ball out of the park. Chad is incredibly talented, excellent human being, understanding, pays attention to details and takes your company like his own. Chad is extremely ethical, flexible and willing to work hard next to you. We wish we can have him in our office writing for us all day…. THANK YOU CHAD!”

-Hector Sunol, VP Technical Operations (Cyzerg)

“Chad is a copywriting superstar. Nothing is too much trouble. You just wind this guy up and off he goes. His copy is top notch. I’m going nowhere else from now on! Thanks Chad.”

-Phil Carrick, partner (MOBE)

“Has the skills of F. Scott Fitzgerald and the speed of superman. Would definitely use again.”

-John McLaughlin, owner (Unique Phones, Inc.)

You might’ve noticed that’s not 10, it’s 13… I couldn’t decide what to axe.
Sorry. We’re still friends, right?

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“Chad is a bloody good copywriter. He takes the time to do his research and learn about the product or service you are selling. He’s creative, bubbly and smart at copywriting.”

-Alexander Croucher, Head of Digital [confidential]

“Extremely happy with the results. One quick email, a few questions answered and all my sales scripts written! All feel very authentic with my personal message. Thanks Chad!”

-Sara Hall, founder (The Organising School)

“There are so many ho-hum writers out there and Chad stands out in a sea of mediocrity. He really got our voice. He incorporated warmth, humor, and salesmanship in our brochure. Working with Chad was great! We definitely would like to hire him again for more projects.”

-Rebecca Walker, founder (Cambiati Nutrition & Wellness Center)

“Every piece is perfect. I’ve moved all my writing work to Chad, exclusively. I couldn’t recommend him more!”

-Faraaz J., marketing (METRIN Skincare)

“Chad is a great writer, he is very friendly and flexible! Recommended to anyone. Willing to hire him in the future.”-Shakeebul Hassan, CEO (Webocado)

“This guy is just brilliant! Thorough, fun, imaginative and just very good at what he does. If you want a boring copy writer with no soul and passion then look for someone else, If you want top notch copy writer Chad is your guy for sure.”

-Mo Yassin, founder-owner (Unconscious Fitness Coaching)

“Chad’s work is brilliant – he’s fantastic to work with. I’ve already started another project with him.”-Peggy Murrah, founder & CEO (Peggy Murrah & Associates Web Services)

“Nice work! And a great guy to work with. Thanks Chad :)”
-Caroline R, Content Manager (Alive With Ideas Communications Agency)

“Excellent work, as I’ve come to expect from Chad. He pulled together a fantastic sales page in an incredibly tight time frame and we were able to pull off our launch without a hitch. Will most definitely work with him again.

-Peggy Murrah, founder & CEO (Peggy Murrah & Associates Web Services)

“Chad is a fantastic writer and has a solid understanding of business objectives and demographics to really tailor the message.”

-Josephine K., founder (Sunday Decor)

“Chad really went above and beyond with his research this time around. Very impressed!”

-Faraaz J, marketing (METRIN Skincare)

“Great work. High level of professionalism and great content. Thanks Chad!”

-Adam Alami, global Tier-1 Business Analyst & Consultant

“Chad has produced copy that is different to all the websites out there and has helped me convey the way I want to offer my treatments.”

-Dr. Mustafa Gamijee, founder (Aesthetics Guru of Manchester)

“Very pleased with the final end product… nothing was too much trouble and Chad’s experience, suggestions and input are always most welcome. He doesn’t just get the job done, he goes above and beyond! Thanks again.”

-Jason Clarke, founder (Kids Coach Jason)

“Great work! A true poet of marketing.!”

-Hitesh J., founder/lead Digital Strategist (Creative Culture)

“My favourite wordsmith! Amazing writer.”

-Faraaz J., marketing (METRIN Skincare)

“Great writer! His writing engages the reader very well.”

-Dinesh N, owner-founder (Vensai Enterprises)

“Brilliant as always :)”

-Alexander Croucher, Head of Digital (QliQ Media Group)

“Excellent job! Chad is a very good writer. He digs deep into your business and writes excellent copy.”

-Denis S, owner-founder (The Great Escape)

“Great work! Chad not only created a fantastic explainer video script, but he went above and beyond with suggestions for our storyboard and video animation. Very pleased with his thoroughness and effort and looking forward to working with him again soon!”

-Jason S., founder (Girlfriend Hire)

“ABSOLUTE QUALITY! You will never regret hiring Chad for writing. He even did extra research for my job and the writing style / quality was simply awesome and exactly what I needed.”

-Jayde Mihan, Director (Eye Candy Media)


-Robert Shavell, CEO (Middlebase Ventures)

“Great to work with Chad. Will work again for sure.”

-Praveen S., marketing (Geo Reisen Tours)

“Great writer, great guy. I will certainly use him again in the future.”

-Paul Coskun, Marketing Director (Apollo Future Technology, UK)

“A Delicious “Script” Meal !
What I really like about Chad is that he always have his own imagination spices that can be added on top of your idea’s recipe without changing the core idea dish :)”

-Rakan Khaled.

“If you hire chad once, you will be addicted to hire him always.
He is Very Professional.”

Mo’ath Alma’aitah, Operations Manager (Arab Divers, Jordan)

“Very high quality writer and great guy to work with.”

-Greg Priday, Lead Developer (SiteOrigin)

“Superb work as always.”

-Alexander Croucher, Head of Digital (QliQ Media Group)

“Awesome work! Thanks so much Chad.”

-Gillian Tkachuk, life & business coach

“This man is the hidden weapon in your content marketing arsenal.”

-Faraaz J., marketing (METRIN Skincare)

“Very thorough writer and a nice guy as well. Will definitely rehire in the future.”

-Hayden Craig, retailer

“Thank you Chad! You’re a word-master. :)”

-Aga K, owner (Amazing Journey Art)

“It was a pleasure working with Chad! He has writing skills in a class of his own! I will hire again, in near future!”

-Torben Loenne, SCUBA webmaster

“TOP copywriter. Chad was a delight to work with, he’s thoroughly proficient and professional with a really great work ethic. He crafted a 7-day series of emails for each of our 5 products and they are top class. Thanks for all your help Chad and I look forward to working with you again.”

-Phil Carrick, partner (MOBE)

“Great experience, Chad really knows how to frame businesses and refine text… thanks Chad!”

-Jennifer Ntiri, CEO (Underscores Baked Goods, New York)

“Excellent blog posts with very little revisions needed… the quality of the end product is superb. Great guy to work with!”

-Jason Clarke, founder (Kids Coach Jason)

“Chad was awesome. Very fast & responsive.”

-John McLaughlin

“I’m very happy with the web copy I received. Great job Chad. Thank you!”

-Aga, owner (Amazing Journey Art)

“Thanks Chad!  Another excellent experience.”

-Gordon Creed, founder & CEO (Alberta Outsourcing)

“A great writer and a pleasant person also!”

-Jason Russell, serial entrepreneur

“Excellent work as always!”

-Julia Zajak, CEO (Real Events LLC, Dubai)

“Excellent work as always. Great to have your support!”

-Alexander Croucher, Head of Digital (QliQ Media Group)

“Where your need is, there let your “Chad” be. A man that sticks with his word, perception will be always above expectation and last but not least “honesty in understanding and delivery”.

-Rakan Khaled

“The best, the best, for sure I will work with you again!”

-Mo’ath Alma’aitah, Operations Manager (Arab Divers, Jordan)

“ He is a Gem! What I would do with out you? Thank You!”

-Tanya Raschenko, Marketing Manager (Real Events LLC, Dubai)

“The Best writer ever!!! Will hire again for sure!”

-Julia Zajak, CEO (Real Events, LLC, Dubai)

“ Great guy to work with , friendly and writes an awesome copy.”

-Angad Sodhi

“Great job as always! Highly recommended.”

-Denis S., owner-founder (The great Escape)

“Chad is VERY talented writer! He is paying attention to each details of your company and a goal that you would like to achieve. Will hire again for sure! Thank You!”

-Tanya Raschenko, Marketing Manager (Real Events, LLC, Dubai)

“Great work, Chad.”

-Kieran MacSherry, founder-owner (Macs Finance Academy)

“Chad is a master of words. He took the time to understand our needs and blew us away with the results.  Excellent.”

-Gordon Creed, CEO (Alberta Outsourcing)

“Chad has once again exceeded my expectation for writing content! I will continue to hire him for other protects in the future.”

-Michael Hansen, CEO (The Smart Janitor)

“Incredible guy with incredible skills! Definitely recommend him…”

-Jan Bednar, CEO (BedaBox, LLC)

“Chad has amazing copywriting skills and will wow you with his penmanship. Will definitely hire again for my next projects. Job well done!!!”

-Mendel Friedman, BLC Supply

“Superb! delivered just what I needed and ahead of the deadline. Great to work with!”

-Jason Clarke, founder (Kids Coach Jason)

“Chad wrote wonderful content for our home landing page! His use of words to deliver our message was outstanding. Not only will I be hiring him again, I already have!!”

-Michael Hansen, CEO (The Smart Janitor)

“Excellent communication. Quality work – just what I was looking for!”

-Michelle Harris

“This is my 2nd project with Chad, and again, excellent work. I’ve got more projects for him lined up! He’s great to work with, as well as providing high-quality work.”

-Peggy Murrah, founder & CEO (Peggy Murrah & Associates Web Services)

“Chad’s copy was awesome! I couldn’t have asked for a better experience. I will be hiring him again.”

-Alex VanDyke, entrepreneur

“Best copywriter I’ve worked with. I’ll be using him again.”

-Steven Metcalfe

“Chad provided exactly what I was looking for.  The right blend of professionalism and humor. Will definitely hire again.”

-Michelle Harris

“Love the result. Very happy and exceeded all expectations.”

-Francis Yamin

“Great and fast work! I will definitely work with Chad again.”

-Martin Zhel, CEO (Orior Creative)

“Wow, what a content writer. Great articulate writing and spot on with what we required. Thanks and will definitely hire again.”

-Umaad Sheikh, entrepreneur

“Fabulous set of follow up and broadcast emails again by Chad. He’s a copywriting genius and our ‘go to guy’.”

-Phil Carrick, partner (MOBE)

“Excellent work!”

-Maria K (Marie Lumiere, LLC)

“Another piece of wonderful writing from Chad!”

-Aga, owner (Amazing Journey Art)

“Chad – pleasure to work with. Great communication and high quality of work delivered before time.”

-Jason Smith, GreenFlow

“Working with Chad produced the exact results we were looking for; we are very pleased.”

-Karah Wilson, Creative Services Coordinator (Cuhaci & Peterson Architects, Engineers, & Planners)

“Chad is very professional and delivered exceptional service.  I can’t speak highly enough about [him].”

-Ron Yorrick, CEO (BarVision)

“I highly recommend Chad, he did a great job, was very receptive to guidelines, communicated very well and delivered an excellent standard of work in a short time span. I will definitely be hiring Chad again and certainly endorse him to others. Thanks Chad!”

-Kerrie Bracey (Web marketing Professionals)

“I have hired Chad… to work on a direct mail letter project. The result was terrific. I really like his approach and we already are working on a other project. Great work & high quality. I really recommend Chad’s service.”

-Samuel Bedard, partner & digital strategist (Bedard-Gosset Real Estate Investors)

“Chad did a great job for us and we are very happy with the results. Communication was excellent and he delivered on time.”

-Clive Clifford, founder (Local Internet Leads)

“Fantastic work! I will hire Chad again for my next sales letter project.”

-Daniel Jordi, founder & leader (Jordico)

“Worked multiple jobs with Chad. Starting a new project now. Top notch work. Thanks Chad.”

-Ryan Blomster, registered agent (Enjoi Life Marketing, LLC)

“I’m really happy with the script from Chad.  He even added a brief storyboard to help with my video! I would definitely use him again.”

-Thomas Crawshaw, CEO (Initi8 Marketing)

“Excellent work – Chad is a pleasure to work with.”

-Peggy Murrah, founder & CEO (Peggy Murrah & Associates Web Services)

“Awesome copywriter. Assisted greatly in materializing my vision. Thanks Chad!”

-Ted Makukutu, founder & Managing Director (STina Pty, Ltd. – Systina)

“Chad did an excellent job, he was able to understand our business quickly and demonstrate/express the hot points of our product and services. We will be contracting him for future projects on an ongoing basis.”

-Michael Sinclair, serial entrepreneur & Chairman (MYAA)

“Absolutely superb as always, he’s now getting under the skin of the project more and more! Excellent.”

-Jason Clarke, founder (Kids Coach Jason)

“Chad is one of the best content writers [online]. He always gets the work done on time and very high quality. Thanks again.”

-Mike Roosa, owner (Third Base Media)

“Excellent worker. I’m really satisfied. Chad goes beyond expectations, Highly recommended.”

-Mariano Cordoba, Senior SEM & Marketer (iLatinMedia)

“As always, it was a pleasure working with you Chad.”

-Ramon Van Meer, cofounder (LFC Travel)

“Chad is always a delight to work with and a complete professional. His copy is 1st class and he’s our go-to guy for all copywriting. Thanks again Chad, 1st class as always.”

-Phil Carrick, partner (MOBE)

“Chad is excellent to work with. Good communication and great skills. He easily “went with the flow” and did a great job. Thanks Chad! I’ll be back with more work for you.”

-Bobbi Palmer, entrepreneur & personal development coach

“Another excellent job from Chad. Very professional and a great writer.”

-Mike Roosa, owner (Third Base Media)

“Chad did a great job, was prompt, professional and wrote a great copy. Definitely knows what he is doing. I will hire him again.”

-Oksana Irwin, Business Strategist (Digital Media Marketing, Inc.)

“Great once again, thanks Chad!”

-Jason Clarke, founder (Kids Coach Jason)

“Chad did an outstanding job of creating content for our website. Very professional and the content was created quickly with a high quality. Thanks.”

-Mike Roosa, owner (Third Base Media)

“Chad has excellent communication skills and works well to deadlines and operates as a professional.  Chad is a breeze to work with.”

-Vida Carlino, professional trainer, mentor, & business coach (Insperience)

“Chad was very professional and did an outstanding job in a very timely manner!”

-Terry Bowser Sr., founder & CEO (Bowser Unlimited)

“Chad exceeded my expectations for this project and I highly recommend his skills. I will definitely work with him again… thanks.”

-Logan Wenger, founder (Claw Consulting) & creator (Marketer’s Doctrine)

“Chad has been an absolute pleasure to work with. Very professional, excellent communicator and prompt delivery of a top quality assignment. I definitely look forward to working with him again.”

-Joanne Antoun, creator & leader (Combined Therapy Cocktail)

“Chad is a fantastic writer and very quick. Brilliant work and will definitely hire him again. Highly recommended.”

-Matthew Murchie, Director (D-SOL Media Marketing)

“I’m lucky that I get to work with some amazing people. Chad is certainly up there! Thanks.”

-Jason Clarke, founder (Kids Coach Jason)

“Honest guy. Knows his strengths. Is upfront and frank about everything. Love him!”

-Muhammad Shariq, entrepreneur

“It was pleasure working with Chad, quality of his work was above expectations, communication between us was perfect. We will defiantly keep working with Chad.”

-Ramon Van Meer, cofounder (LFC Travel)

“Fabulous as always, Chad is our go-to guy for all of our email follow ups. Great job.”

-Phil Carrick, partner (MOBE)

“Chad is Fantastic! Especially if you are looking for a [food writer]. His knowledge of both food and industry make him a natural… I will be hiring him again soon.”

-Matthew Smith (Des Moines Food Blog)

“An absolute pleasure to work with! Really gets into your brand and is emphatic about writing in your brand voice. Requests and responds well to feedback. Proactive and timely communication. Works quickly while delivering a very high quality product. Perfect for what we needed.”

-Ann-Marie Stephens, founder & CEO (Type Free, LLC – Precise Portions)

“Chad always goes the extra mile and it’s very much appreciated.”

-Jason Clarke, founder (Kids Coach Jason)

“Chad did a terrific job. I will definitely be taking advantage of his services again.”

-Josh Ablett (Adelia Associates Risk Management)

“Fantastic again! An absolute pleasure to work with. Thanks Chad.”

-Jason Clarke, founder (Kids Coach Jason)

“I enjoyed very much working with Chad.  His copywriting skills are very unique and he was able to capture what I really wanted to express.  I would hire him again without a doubt on my future jobs.”

-Cecilia Tham, Director (Polyplicity)

“Chad is a master copywriter. We use him all the time. An absolute professional who is articulate, timely, and a great guy to work with. Thanks again Chad :-)”

-Phil Carrick, partner (MOBE)

“Chad is a talented writer. Communication and turn-around were both excellent. Enjoyed working with him.”

-Carl Christensen, SEM Specialist (Rockler Companies, Inc.)

“Chad is a very talented writer –very professional and excellent communication. We will definitely hire him again for our next project.”

-Martin Brock, Admin Team (VTCtalk)

“Chad did excellent work and exceeded our expectations. Taking a bland and boring outline and turning it into a much more exciting presentation. Will definitely hire again for future needs.”

-Patrick Martin

“Chad is so creative and perfection personified. His copywriting skills are first rate. need a copywriter? I can’t rate Chad highly enough. Great job again :-)”

-Phil Carrick, partner (MOBE)

“Every business needs a Chad, a breath of fresh air… 5 stars yet again.”

-Jason Clarke, founder (Kids Coach Jason)

“Perfect Job, Very Well Done. Chad knows what he’s doing. Will hire again, without a doubt.”

-Maritza Valerio, author & entrepreneur

“The only person I use for any sort of creative or technical writing. Great tone and has the ability to take brand knowledge and apply it to all types of writing. Extremely impressed!”

-Faraaz J., marketing (METRIN Skincare)

“Chad is a writing genius! Aside from his writing skills, he is an absolute professional and collaboration is easy… kept me up-to-date on the progress of the project and completed the project right on time. I am looking forward to the next project. Thanks again Chad!”

-Logan Wenger, founder (Claw Consulting) & creator (Marketer’s Doctrine)

“As usual, Chad performed with his usual level of top notch work!”

-Matthew Smith, entrepreneur

“Chad is a copywriting superstar. We have worked with him on multiple projects and he keeps delivering real quality. He is also a pleasure to deal with. Thanks Chad.”

-Phil Carrick, partner (MOBE)

So what do you say – are you shiny?
I bet you are, you crazy diamond, you.