Here’s a list of my clients’ favourite copywriting services.
You know, like a menu.

But any chef worth his ill-fitting checkered pants
encourages you to order today’s top game.
Don’t be shy – ask if there’s fish.

Expand a category, any category. 

Oh, there’s fish.

Short-form/evergreen website copy <

Your website’s your digital hub. All roads lead to Home. Clever web copy does more than improve visibility and showcase your vision and values: it genuinely engages readers, converts reliably, and makes your business stick in prospects’ minds.

Which sure doesn’t seem like rocket surgery. Home, About, Services, calls to action… follow the bouncing ball.  How tough can it be to smash out a few good lines? That said…

People see this stuff everywhere, every day,
and immediately ignore pretty much all of it.

So be the one we remember. Give us words worth thinking about and guide us through our (carefully-calculated) journey as we interact with your site in predictable, profitable ways. Show us your flow, Joe.

A lot goes on behind the curtain in shaping and optimizing those experiences. But you know what they say about magicians and secrets.



>Builds trust & credibility

>Improves conversion rates

>Creates engaging flow

>Inspires users to act

>Expresses your brand


Up to 500 words*

Includes 1 draft revision

Simple, copy-light stuff (like ‘Contact’ or product descriptions) gets billed at 3:1.

This category also includes other types of short-form web copywriting, like landing and squeeze pages.


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Direct response (long-form) sales copy <

Direct response sales copywriting – online and print – is one of my primary foci.

Forget those 57-page BUY NOW OR YOU’LL DIE monstrosities. Sure, you’ll make a few sales with that sad old stuff if you drive enough traffic.

But you’re not here to talk low-hanging fruit, right? You want to harvest that all proverbial tree’s sweet, sweet danglin’ goodness. And then some.

So we’ll need to rise beyond the boring.

There’s a whole orchard we could harvest, and we’ll never score sweetest fruit digging through the dust.

Long-form copywriting draws prospects in. But you don’t want to hook your reader only to drive them away – nobody wants to waste their time sifting fluff.

Carefully-calculated presentation of ideas generates
powerful user engagement 
mythic sales figures.

Proper long-form sales copywriters weave facts, concepts, and stories together to create a cohesive, irresistable flow that genuinely fascinates readers (or hooks them into the whole, if they’re just skimming).

That’s kind of my thing.

Seems like it, anyway, because clients share juicy little tidbits like these:

  • “Time on-page increased by 2:30 overnight.”
  • “Conversions are north of 7% now.”
  • “Way beyond my expectations.”

Maybe that sounds like your kind of thing.
Maybe we ought to have a little chat.
Maybe we can start right now.

>Drives conversions>Highlights specific offers

>Creates emotional connections

$350 per long-form sales page

Includes up to 2 draft revisions

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Scripts: sales & explainer videos <

Video marketing is all the rage for good reason – sales videos can increase conversions by three-digit percentages and encourage social sharing. You never know what’s going to go viral. (And don’t let anybody tell you they do. They don’t.)

Video’s the best way to showcase your product, service, and brand.

Explainer videos help even laypeople grasp complex concepts quickly, and hold most people’s attention much better than equivalent text would.

And if you want to get your crowdfunding campaign off the ground (to the moon)? You get one shot. Make damn sure your video’s flawlessly fun.

I shape scripts with finished products in mind: yours includes any storyboarding or soundscaping suggestions I have along the way – if you want ’em, of course. They say I’ve got a sharp eye for presentation.


>Attractive: smart videos grab and hold viewers’ attention
>Engaging: images & words combined encourage action & retention
>Versatile: you can sell it,tell it, or both

$90 per audio minute*  

Includes up to 2 draft revisions plus storyboarding & soundscaping suggestions (if desired).

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Brochures & flyers <

You need brochure copywriting? It would be my frickin’ pleasure to help you develop a perfectly polished piece.

I genuinely enjoy the challenge of editing for full-power brevity.

Most brochures I help create are A4/A5 (or similar) print pieces; that’s what this pricing reflects.

Since multi-sheet and digital brochures can vary so widely in scope I assess them on a per-case basis (don’t worry; 10x pages doesn’t equal 10x cost).

What have you got in mind? Let’s talk about it so we can agree on a fair, makes-sense price.



>Expresses key points in easily-absorbed, potent little packages

>Concisely communicates your brand’s core USP or offer

>Helps link on/offline presences & encourages direct response



Includes up to 2 draft revisions.

Multi-sheet materials & presentations priced per case.

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Email campaigns & autoresponders <

Yep: email marketing’s still one of the most cost-effective lead-gen and customer-retention  strategies out there.

Even those pesky millennials overwhelmingly choose email
as their favourite medium for brand interaction.

First we’ll calculate the best sequence/schedule for your audience(s), then I’ll brew you up an email blast that makes your readers go
“holy cannoli; good thing this didn’t end up in my spam folder!”




>An important relationship-building tool

>A smart easy way to stay fresh and present

>A perfect intro for new offers & sales funnels



Includes 1 draft revision.

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Direct mail marketing & business letters <

Wait… people still use snail mail?

You bet they do. And sometimes it’s the best way to connect with high-level prospects because letters and mailers can easily bypass gatekeepers to land straight on the decision-maker’s desk.

Whether B2B or B2C, letters and other direct-mail campaigns get results and help you distinguish yourself through personal, considered communications.

It’s not that other media fall short, but you know the difference between getting yet another email notification (argh!) and receiving a real letter, addressed to you, in the mail:

it just feels nicer.

Direct-mail copywriting goes way beyond letters – you could send out postcards, newsletters, invitations, event programs, or other fun stuff. Perhaps something completely different.



>Lends a personal touch to your marketing toolbox

>Makes a positive, professional impression

>Can reach decision makers directly

>Displays formality and significance

>Bridges online-offline presence


Includes up to 2 draft revisions.

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Clever ‘content’ – articles, blogs, features, & more <

Anyone can write fluff ‘content’. That’s easy. But smart brands only publish purposeful, share-worthy, bona-fide value-conveying content. That requires the same considered calculation as copywriting, because it’s more intricate. Look:

Want to hear one super-secret weird trick you need to achieve unlimited content marketing success, right now?

Here you go: don’t write sentences like that one, ever, for any reason. 
Why? Because your customers aren’t stupid. Show ’em crap like that, and they’ll end up on your competitor’s website in about five seconds. But we can’t have that – so here’s the real “trick”:

Zero bullshit.

Your customers can smell the stink of the brown stuff from a long way off. And they’ll about-face so fast you’ll wonder if they’re second-rate-sports-car time travellers. Fluff sucks. They know it. You know it, too.

Present useful, relevant, carefully-constructed
content your prospects genuinely want to read.

Because if they start gettin’ the goods elsewhere they’ll forget all about you. We’re like goldfish that way, except instead of paddling around a little castle we start building  lucrative relationships with your competitors.

You gotta be the one we remember.

That covers the basic stuff. When it comes to feature articles, digital or print, and whitepapers/pillar content, you’ll received a thoroughly-researched, properly-sourced, on-brand showcase you’ll feel proud to share. I’d accept (and you should expect) nothing less.


>Builds trust & niche authority

>Motivates prospects to… care

>Creates lasting impressions

>Expands reach & visibility

>Informs, inspires, & converts

$0.11-$0.31 PER WORD*

Actual rate billed always gets agreed upon in advance, rounded to make sense, and reflects the mental gear-grinding required divided by my topical expertise & interest.

Most projects fall into the mid-range.

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*What’s with the asterisk*?? <

Don’t you hate when people stick asterisks on stuff?

This is a good one, though, because this happy little statement applies equally to all the starred stuff (and everything else):

*I’m NOT nickel-and-dimey over things like word counts. We’ll simply choose a makes-sense target and stick to it. I won’t overcharge for overshooting in polishing to perfection.




Perfectly-seasoned texts

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